What did we all have in common yesteryear? We were inside. This undoubtedly means more time at home, and for many of us, this has encouraged time being spent critiquing our abodes and as a result, making DIY home improvements. This is all good and well, be it tying up loose ends or starting fresh on an overdue project — home improvements always provide an effulgent sense of pride. …

Food Noise — An Essay

Chicken breast, chickpeas? Chicken breast… chickpeas..? The chicken breast or the blo*dy chickpeas? The dangers of Food Noise in 2020.

“Food Noise”, as defined by myself at least, is a feeling of unease, worry, or nervousness surrounding your food choices and decisions. Whether you’re at the supermarket, staring perplexingly into your refrigerator, or out at a restaurant, Food Noise occurs simply due to the overwhelming choice and staggering amount of information within the public realm on the age-old question, what to eat?

While food and cuisine are arguably the greatest cultural phenomenons known to man…

Nicholas Flannery

Foodie. Lover of Words.

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